What work is required by polishing machine equipment for bearing material

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The material of the shaft is usually carbon steel or alloy steel, the shaft is finished after heat treatment, the material of the bearing seat is cast iron or cast steel, the so-called bearing material refers to the bearing material, the failure form of the sliding bearing is mainly the gluing and wear of the bearing, so there are some special requirements for the material and structure of the bearing.

1. The bearing material must have sufficient fatigue strength to ensure that the bearing has sufficient life under variable load.

2. The bearing material should have sufficient compressive strength to prevent excessive plastic deformation.

3. The bearing material should have good friction reduction and wear resistance, that is, the friction coefficient is required to be small, and the bearing wear is small.

4. The bearing material should have good gluing resistance to prevent more gluing (that is, adhesive wear) caused by the rupture of the oil film due to friction heat.

5. The bearing material should have good adsorption capacity for lubrication pumping, and it is easy to form a boundary film with strong shear resistance.

6. The bearing material should have good adaptability and embeddedness, the material with good adaptability has good running performance, and the material with good embeddability can accommodate the tiny solid particles entering the lubricating oil to avoid the bearing pad and journal being scratched.

Automatic polishing machine in the operation of the process should pay attention to many problems, in the actual use process, there will be more ways to use, in fact, from the current situation, all equipment must be kept flat during use, placement and flat position has become the more basic requirements for the actual use of this equipment, in general, all equipment needs to be placed on relatively hard ground, such as some cement ground, which is completely suitable, they hope to prevent the generation of these equipment.

Then, in this case, during the actual use of the automatic polishing machine, all equipment must be evacuated from unrelated personnel during operation, why, because they are not familiar with the operation process of the entire equipment, once they encounter some social problems, it may cause more serious consequences, all those present will bring a series of hazards, the better thing for unrelated personnel is to leave the work area, all the preparations must be done, and even during the entire automatic polishing machine work, it can basically run for more than half an hour, Ensure that all equipment processing operations are standard.