Grinding and polishing machine use and classification of automatic polishing machine

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No matter what workpiece and parts processing process, because of processing or various reasons lead to a lot of burrs and machining marks on the parts themselves, these machining marks will have a great impact on the application quality of mechanical parts, so it is necessary to use scientific methods to remove it, ICBC fine finishing machine is a good improvement in this regard, this ICBC principle is mainly the use of the principle of free grinding will add processing lines to remove, so it can well improve the roughness of precision mechanical parts, can achieve the polishing effect.

Deburring and precision deburring is a very important step in precision machining, the use of Yu grinding multi-functional finishing machine to remove processing burrs and knife pattern polishing machine, this technology is referred to as the principle of free grinding and polishing, promote parts and abrasives in the process of power rotation and autobiography, so as to implement surface precision grinding processing of parts, deburring machine and polishing without bruising, throwing parts with high precision, do not change the geometric dimensional accuracy, after fine polishing the workpiece surface can reach mirror bright, appearance and feel significantly improved, It is a polishing effect that cannot be achieved by some manual polishing or imported polishing equipment.

Automatic polishing machine according to the polishing function is divided into active rough polishing machine and active fine polishing machine two, separation is the first process of polishing and the second process of polishing, the following will be separated for example.

Automatic polishing machine according to the physical characteristics of the object, according to the relevant data, can be briefly divided into: plane active polishing machine, spherical active polishing machine, curved active polishing machine, steel belt active polishing machine, profiling automatic polishing machine, rotating body active polishing machine, plastic active polishing machine, acrylic active polishing machine, etc. There are differences between general models and special models.

General models and special models are not good difference, each other has a certain versatility and specificity, such as plane automatic polishing machine, in the time of manufacturing, if according to the detailed object non-calibration, then only polished flat objects, as we all know, the size of the object is different, when leaving the factory, the automatic polishing machine work table is now fixed, to deal with a variety of objects will be affected by now, so engineers in the planning, are to consider the versatility of the active polishing machine, generally according to the size of large objects planning, perhaps planned for multi-function automatic polishing machine