Buying polishing machines industry knowledge how to distinguish different types

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Polishing machine industry, every year will be new manufacturers stationed, but also many manufacturers withdraw, customers choose polishing machine, must be reasonable judgment and consideration, understand the differences and advantages of each brand, in order to make polishing machine equipment in the process of use to meet the application needs, in the actual selection process, remember to pay attention to the following problems, to avoid blind selection and affect the later production and operation.

1, understand their own needs, list several key intentional manufacturers, carry out various advantages, disadvantages comparison, suitable for their current actual needs, is more appropriate, do not blindly buy expensive, buy well, waste resources, the future is unknown.

2, look at the case, look at the case, look at the case, say important things three times, do not listen to the manufacturer's side of the word, there are similar cases to themselves, it is more realistic.

3. Pay attention to the selection of models, reserve a certain amount of capacity margin, so that you can keep up with production in the peak season.

Automatic polishing machine according to the polishing function is divided into automatic rough polishing machine and automatic finishing polishing machine two, respectively polishing process and polishing process, the following will be an example, automatic polishing machine according to the physical characteristics of the object to be processed, according to the data can be simply divided into: automatic plane polishing machine, automatic spherical polishing machine, automatic surface polishing machine, automatic steel polishing machine, automatic profile polishing machine, automatic rotating body polishing machine, automatic plastic polishing machine, automatic acrylic polishing machine, etc., slightly different from ordinary models, It is not easy to distinguish between general purpose aircraft and special purpose aircraft, there is a certain degree of versatility and specificity, such as fully automatic plane polishing machine, when it is manufactured, if it is not calibrated to a specific object, so you have to polish flat objects, as you know, the size of the object is different, when leaving the factory, the automatic polishing machine table is fixed, multiple objects to be processed will be affected, therefore, engineers must consider the versatility of the automatic polishing machine when designing, usually used to load larger objects, Or designed as a multi-purpose automatic polishing machine.

The dust removal system of the automatic polishing machine consists of the interlayer of the protective cover of the working roller and the dust removal tube in the body, the polishing machine The latter requires the use of coarser abrasives to ensure a larger polishing speed to remove the polishing damage layer, but the polishing damage layer is also very deep, the coarse polishing of the automatic polishing machine is to polish the machine polished or unpolished surface with a hard polishing wheel, the polishing process of the polishing machine is a post-polishing process, the polishing process of the polishing machine is to polish the polished material, the polished material is polished, Soft polishing wheels are used to polish the surface to form a mirror surface, which has little effect on the grinding of the substrate.