FAQS of polishing
  • What product is used to remove a portion of the electroplating layer from the surface of the electroplated workpiece?

    Use bright red non-woven wheel, Scotch Brite pad and flap wheel.

  • What is the effect of airway wheel wrinkling?

    The wrinkles of the airway wheel are irregular waves of varying sizes. During polishing, the wind formed by the wrinkles has the effect of cooling the workpiece, resulting in finer lines.

  • What is the polishing effect of non-woven wheels?

    Brushing, polishing,compared to abrasive belts, non-woven wheels are soft drawn and modified, while abrasive belts are hard drawn.

  • What is the difference between a Flat polishing machine and an inner and outer bending grinder?

    Flat polishing machine: Grinding flat and curved surfaces: Waves, small angles, consumables can be shaped. Strong universality.

    Inner and outer bending polishing machine: polishing curved surfaces or waves with large angles, usually used for the inner and outer arcs of the spoon position of tableware.

  • If the workpiece is uneven, what consumables are used for polishing?

    Using design thousand page wheels, eight strand rope hemp wheels, sandcloth silk wheels.

  • What method can be used to clean the polishing wax on the workpiece?

    Wax removal water+Ultrasonic cleaning or the original method: soak in warm water and repeatedly soak up and down.

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