Summary of Enterprise Advantages:
It can be summarized from the following points:
1. Who are you? (Market positioning): - What kind of supplier are you, such as export sales, mid to high end market
We specialize in providing solutions and consumables for metal polishing products. Our industry includes tableware, hinges, glass clips, and our customer base is end-use customers

2. What are your strengths? (Enterprise advantages): Customizable, fast response, support for small batch orders, factory equipment, and other scales, etc
We can provide a one-stop service from plan setting, mechanical consumables configuration, to usage training, until normal operation and production

3. Where is your customer base? (Market positioning): - Global market or other, mainly focused on industries, retail or wholesale, suppliers, factories, direct customer groups, or other?
Our customer groups are mainly ranked in developing countries: India, Pakistan, Türkiye, Spain, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. Our main industries are polishing of tableware, hinges, glass clips, faucets and other metal products. Our customer groups are mainly end users, small dealers, end users are factories producing metal products, and dealers are local retail wholesalers providing services for factories.

4. What are their concerns—— Trust, professionalism, quality, service, management, price advantage, equipment strength, production capacity, innovation, etc. (packaging of enterprise strength) Clearly why customers choose you? Their concerns are your opportunity.
The inspection of our industry's professional level shows stable product quality, price advantage, and after-sales service.

5. Why is your product better than others—— Equipment strength, professionalism, certification, industry inspection reports, etc
We can provide professional solutions, supporting products, as well as professional after-sales and training services to customers

6. Which fields and industries are your products mainly used in?
We have machines and consumables used for matching machines, mainly used for surface polishing treatment of metal products, such as tableware, door hinges, glass clips, faucets, kettles, cups, hardware, watches, automotive parts, and other metal products. A small amount is used for surface treatment of wooden and plastic products.

7. Provide a brief introduction of your company, so that our designers can have a more comprehensive understanding of your situation.

8. Summarize and provide a development history of your company, as well as the innovations at different stages.
Established in 2008, the company mainly produces metal polishing consumables and sells them to the domestic market. The main industries include tableware, faucets, door hinges, faucets, kettles, cups, and other hardware product manufacturers
In 2012, we expanded our business to foreign markets: in order to better serve our customers and solve their customer needs, we increased our research and development and production of machines, developed three assembly line solutions for tableware, hinges, and glass clips, and provided after-sales training services. With smooth mass production and reduced customer exploration, we enabled customers to purchase our products with confidence.