Spoon fork's arc edges polishing

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If you want to polishing stainless steel,steel and other metals shape like below picture;


You can use double head horizontal polishing machine to polish the 2 places.

Specific matching materials: purple wax, cloth linen wheel.
Process: cloth linen wheel + purple wax.

Double head horizontal polishing machine

The outer arc position of the neck of the first polishing head: A position.
The inner arc position of the second polishing head polishing neck: B position.

This position must use a double-head horizontal polishing machine, 

because the two polishing heads of the double-head polishing machine rotate in opposite directions. 

When the workpiece moves left and right for polishing, the polishing head that rotates in opposite 

directions is from left to right. Throwing, one is tossing from right to left, so that the right-angled surface 

of the A surface and the right-angled surface of the B surface can be cast into a smooth arc when polishing, 

so that the entire edge position will not cut hands.