Square aluminum tube polishing way

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If your workpiece like that:


The machine can remove small burr from surface of square aluminum tube after that you can dusting on your square aluminum tube.

Total power: 19KW

Main motor: 4KW, 4 poles, 4 sets

Swing motor: 0.18KW+RV 4 sets

Conveyor motor: 2.2KW+RV 1 set

Grinding wheel speed: 2880r/min

Grinding wheel specification: 300 * 100 * 25 (outer diameter * thickness * aperture)


Features: Suitable for surface treatment such as one-time wire drawing, sanding, and polishing of four surfaces of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal square tubes. This machine adopts double row pressure wheels for conveying. Can be equipped with grinding wheels: sisal wheel, flap wheel, cloth wheel,  etc.